Start Programming

How to start a new program?

Step 1

You can click the new project button to make a new program

You should set the project name for your project and  SUBMIT

if you create a project successfully, you will go to the project detail page, In the project detail, you can edit your Project Name, Project Description, and create Profile Image

You can edit your favorite photo of the Profile Image

if you finish your project detail, you can click Save button

How to write a new program?

Step 2

There are three functions for the user

Get started


Before you get started building amazing projects with Objectblocks, there are several things to prepare.


Make sure you have registered an account in (Google+ account could be used)

Hardware Preparation

Have your Objectblocks Shield Prime ready, and stack it on an Arduino UNO R3, then power it on with DC-in or USB cable. Use our Objectblocks Tool App (available in Google Play soon) to config your board with WiFi settings.

Binding your hardware

You have to bind the hardware with your account the first time you use it.